Generous Lifestyle

A few things about me

  • I love Jesus and aspire to be like Him every day
  • I am blessed to be husband to Brittany and father to Evan
  • I moved to the U.S to attend bible school in 2013 
  • I am a Chartered Accountant
  • I am passionate about personal finance and helping people live a full and Generous life 
  • I want to see you living a Generous life

What Generous Lifestyle is all about

The Generous Lifestyle brand was created to teach people how to live a Generous Life. 

I am aware that generosity means different things to different people, but I am firm believer that there are three core areas which we should be aspire to be more generous in each day. The three areas are:

  1. Our time,
  2. Our talents, and
  3. Our treasures.


We all have 24 hours in a day yet some people are able to do "more" with their time than others. At Generous Lifestyle we help you identify who and what is the most important to you and help you develop a time management system that works for you and that will enable you to be more Generous with your time to the people and things that matter most to you.


Dr. Myles Munroe was famous for saying "the wealthiest place in the world is not Wall Street, but rather the cemetery as most people go to the grave without fulfilling their true and God give potential". At Generous Lifestyle we help you discover your "purpose" and the gifts and talents associated with it and teach you strategies to develop and cultivate your gifts and talents. We are firm believers that you should be using your talents to serve others and as you do so, it leads to a more fulfilled life.


Quite often people limit treasures to just money. We believe that your treasure includes every resource that has been entrusted unto you. We teach you how to manage and increase the resources in your life which will allow you to be more Generous to the people and causes that matter most to you.

My Story

I grew up in South Africa in a fun and loving family. I count myself Blessed to have been born into my family and to have lived in Cape Town for more than 1/3rd of my life. 


I used to pride myself in always being busy and being invited to every social event. I soon realized that I more often than not overcommitted myself and was never able to give my full attention to anything. It resulted in being burnt out and sometimes overwhelmed in having to tell people that I couldn't make their event.

Since then I have learnt that it's ok to say no and have implemented tools and principles in my life to be able to steward my time better. This has translated into more time with family and doing the things that God has placed in my heart to do.


I often times hear people say we dont know what we are called to do. I was the same way. Several years ago, I worked at a place and they were looking for trainers. I felt inside this is something that I would like to do. Note, I was an introvert at the time and didn't like speaking in public. I remember "trying out" and the gentleman who was tasked with choosing the right person told me in front of everyone else "dont give up your day job".

Even in the midst of this temporary set back, I still knew that I was called to speak in front people. A few years later I was appointed as a Senior Lecturer at a University. I remember my first lecture and my heart pounding but the more I did it the more comfortable I became and since then have been Blessed to speak in several countries.


I come from a middle class family and while we may not have had much, my parents ensured that we never lacked anything even if it meant buying certain things on credit. We just didn't know any other way to live and that spilled over into my adult years.

I started my career as an accountant in 2005 and soon I was earning my first salary. I did the only thing I knew to do and that was go out and buy my first car (on credit) and started going to places (on credit) that I had only dreamt of going to up until that point in my life. To say I made some mistakes in handling my personal finances is an understatement.

I remember feeling guilty about accumulating debt and to be honest I didn't know how to get out of it. I always made the minimum payments and always paid on time. By then, I was a Christian, so I tithed and sowed hoping that some how my debt would miraculously disappear yet for some reason never realized that I made enough money to actually pay the debt off. I was looking for the supernatural (debt cancellation) yet missed out on the spectacular which often looks to natural than what we would like. In this case, the spectacular meant living within my means and paying more than just the minimum payment.

In 2009 I landed my dream job. I was appointed a Senior Lecturer and taught several business related courses. I enjoyed my job as it placed me in a position where I could mentor and help younger people achieve their dreams.

In 2013 I left the security of my dream job and moved to the United States to attend bible school. With hardly any money in my bank account, I moved over knowing that I could only rely on God if I was going to make it. He proved Himself faithful then and got me through those two years without working nor having to ask anyone for money. I can assure you where God guides, He provides. The key though is doing what He tells you to do and then to be willing and obedient to do it.

I have come a long away since then and have discovered that applying natural principles like having a spending plan is not a sign of a lack of faith but rather wisdom and when it is paired with spiritual principles you're positioning yourself to live a Generous Life. 

We believe in tithing and sowing and have used these principles, to pay off cars, student loan debts, other consumer debts and are now able to take dream trips to foreign countries and do so much more.

We have implemented various spiritual and natural principles and tools that has changed our lives and has resulted in us living a more fulfilled and Generous life.

My Why

I see lots of people who love God and are doing all that they know to do yet seem to be living way below their God given abilities.

I see people that are faithful in tithing and sowing and making the right confession yet are bound by debt and the lie that they just can't get ahead in life.

I have been there and as indicated in my story I have identified tools and principles that have changed my life and I would love to partner with you in serving you to live a full and Generous Life.

Generous Lifestyle