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So, How Do You Take Control Of Your Money

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Let me know if this has happened to you....

As Christians, we are taught to tithe and sow, and if we do that God will Bless us with a lifestyle we could only dream of.

"But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus." - Philippians 4:19


And so we tithe and sow each time we are at church.

Sometimes we give above and beyond what we can afford.

Other times we use our credit card hoping that if we give this time that God will come through for us.

And then we WAIT, for God to come through for us...

But unfortunately, our financial circumstances hardly ever "change"...

Is that your story right now? Is that why you are here?

Do you give on a regular basis, yet you're anxious about your personal financial situation? You may not know where your next plate of food is going to come from or how you're going to make that car payment this month...

Or, does your story sound a little different?

Maybe you have given and seem to be experiencing some financial breakthrough...

But you aren't truly EXPERIENCING, all that you believe and know you should be based on how much you have given over the years...

Have you ever thought...

"I give but I never seem to have enough leftover at the end of the month to do the things I want to do? OR I wish I could travel or buy nice things with cash instead of using my credit card...

Maybe If I Give More God Will Bless Me Financially?"

Hi, my name is Lyle Weber and I'm the author of this NEW book called The 60 minute Financial Plan.

I have spent hours studying the spiritual principles associated with giving and receiving, and could write several books on how the Lord has taught me to trust Him for financial provision. I could share countless testimonies, my own and of those close to me, where God supernaturally provided even when it seemed impossible.

I surrendered my life to the Lord in 2004, and since then I have seen many believers who love God, people who tithe and sow on a frequent basis, yet they don’t seem to be “GETTING AHEAD” in the area of their finances.

In fact, many of these people can’t afford an unexpected bill of $400 (if you’re in the U.S.) or R10,000 (if you’re in South Africa), without using a credit card or taking out a loan. These are believers that give every time an offering opportunity presents itself, yet they are living from paycheck to paycheck, and cannot afford to do what God has placed in their hearts.

The result of our financial position quite often results in us worrying and stressing about things that God never created us to bear or carry. 1 Peter 5:7 says we are to cast our cares upon Him because He cares for us.

You may be wondering...Is it as easy as that? Just cast my care upon the Lord and He will take of everything?

I was just like that! I would carry the care of my finances...

I had a job that paid well, yet I could not afford an unexpected bill. As soon as I got paid, I tithed and sowed and I would spend the rest of my money on things that for the most, did not add value to my life.

On the surface level, it looked like I had it all together but deep down inside I had no idea what I was spending my money on each month.

I moved to the U.S to attend bible school in 2013 where I had to learn to trust God for my food and lodging.

This became second nature to me, but I never seemed to get ahead financially. I always had enough for my needs, but I never had any money saved up for my future or for any unexpected costs that may have arisen.

I married my beautiful wife in 2016 and a lot of my old financial habits carried over into marriage.

The biggest one of these was wanting to give everything away (aka sow and believe that God would take care of us).

Up until that point in my life, I had read and studied 2 Corinthians 9:10 which talks about God providing seed to the sower and bread for food but somehow I NEVER realized that I was using the resources that God had given me for food as seed. I placed myself in a position each month where my bank account was "empty" because I thought giving everything away was a sign of faith and that when a need arose that God would provide...

I have changed my viewpoint slightly...

While I am still a believer in the principle of sowing and reaping, I do believe that we are called by God to be good stewards over the resources that He has entrusted unto us and should be sowing as He leads as this keeps our motives and our heart in the right place.

In an attempt to be better stewards we tried budgeting

But it never worked. We were constantly spending more than what we had, there were times we felt guilty spending money on things we enjoyed and we always felt constrained in what we could and could not do.

Times have however changed

I have come to realize that with everything in life, we have both a spiritual side and a natural side to things. Most believers that I know personally, are applying the spiritual principles in the area of finance, but have not been taught the natural principles.

What if I told you that you did not have to track another expense or that you never had to budget again? What if I told you that there is a system that you could easily set up in just one weekend, which would result in you only having to spend 60 minutes on your money management tasks each month?

I have used my knowledge gained through hours of research, and my personal experiences, to develop “The 60 Minute Financial Plan”.

“The 60 Minute Financial Plan” is the name of this book and a course I have developed, which helps people manage their resources in 60 minutes or less each month.

My wife and I went from the position of tracking every expense and spending hours trying to reconcile our bills, to a place where we are currently spending under an hour per month managing our finances.

It's changed our lives in the following way...

We are able to use the time that we use to spend tracking

expenses and reconciling our accounts on the things that we truly enjoy.

We do not worry about whether or not our bills are going to

be paid each month.

Not only that

We are confident that the resources that God has given us is

going exactly where we want it to go,

We are in a position where our financial goals are being

accomplished at a faster rate than ever before,

And those are just a few ways in which our lives have changed.

"What Would Happen To Your Life If You Had A System In Place That Would Reduce The Time You Spent Managing Your Personal Finances To 60 Minutes Or Less Each Month!?!"

As we were implementing personal finance principles and systems that were new to us, I documented all of the "Secrets" I discovered during my research and I decided to put them into a book and an online course to help other Christians that may find themselves in the position that I was several years ago.

I spent the last 15 years studying finance from a biblical perspective and the last 5 years from a practical application perspective and have turned my research into my new book called:

The 60 Minute Financial Plan: Personal Finance Blueprint

To Achieve Your Financial Dreams...

Inside Of This NEW Book...

Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You'll Discover In The Book!

Inside of The 60 Minute Financial Plan I will be sharing with you 10 secrets to help you dominate your personal finances.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll discover inside of your free copy of this new book:

Section # 1: Your Biblical Foundation

  • Secret #1: The exact strategy that I used to free up time in my day to do the things that God has placed in my heart.

  • Secret #2: The steps that I took to discover the talents that

  • God has given me and that you can use to discover your talents too.

  • Secret #3: How we set giving goals and how this gets our eyes off of ourselves and onto others

  • Secret #4: How to improve your self-worth

  • Secret #5: ​How to improve your net worth

Section # 2: The Process Revealed

  • Secret #6: Why we don't budget and why you may want to

  • Secret #7: The power of automation and what you should be automating

  • Secret #8: How to set financial goals and how to achieve them faster than what you currently are

  • Secret #9: Steps you can take to reduce certain costs that we all have

  • Secret #10: ​My exact process on how we spend under 60 minutes a month managing our personal finances

"The principles shared has equipped me

with the knowledge and practical tools

that I need to walk victoriously in the

area of my personal finances.."

Justin Wessels

"The principles shared have helped us

identify areas in our personal finances

that we needed to improve on. It highlighted exciting new ways to save

(for our goals and future)."


As You Can See...

The principles shared in the 60 Minute Financial Plan Has Already Helped Others...

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

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Don't worry, I have shared these principles with lots of people many of whom have no financial background and as a result, they are NOW walking victoriously in the area of their personal finances - The personal finance secrets I share will work for you!

In case you're wondering why I'm doing this...

Well, there are actually a few reasons...

  • Reason #1: God told me to help my fellow believers take control of their personal finances.

  • Reason #2: I am tired of seeing God's children walk in defeat in the area of their personal finances.

  • Reason #3: I get to serve you with one of the talents that God has Blessed me with.

  • Reason #4: I hope that after reading this book that it will help you and that you will buy the future products I create to serve people just like you!

Get This Kingdom-Based Personal Finance Book For $15!

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