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Here's some of the biggest problems you face right now when it comes to taking control of your personal finances...

  • You've been told that you need track every expense.

  • You've made poor financial decisions in the past and may still be suffering the consequences.

  • You believe that making wise financial decisions every time is not possible as its extremely complicated.

  • You've been faithful in tithing and giving offerings for years but your financial position has not changed.

But that's not the end of the problem. It actually gets worse! Why?

  • You've tried budgeting in the past and just never seem to get ahead.

  • You feel that managing your personal finances requires lots of time that you would rather be using on something that you actually enjoy.

  • You are never truly able to do the things that you believe God has placed in your heart because you don't have extra disposable income to do those things.

  • You desire to give more money to your church but yet again your current financial system leaves no room to give more.

  • You are living above your means as you are "faking it till you make it" because you don't want others to know your true financial situation.

  • You believe that the only way to acquire nice things is to do so on credit and as a result you have set aside your dreams for "one day in the future".

  • You have a hard time telling people no and as a result end up overspending every month by going to lunches and dinners that you know you cant afford to be going to".

I have great news for you there's now a solution to your problem!!

Introducing The 60 Minute Financial Plan: Personal Finance Blueprint

To Achieve Your Financial Dreams...

Inside Of This NEW Book...

Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You'll Discover In The Book!

Inside of The 60 Minute Financial Plan I will be sharing with you 10 secrets to help you dominate your personal finances.

Here's a sneak peak at what you'll discover inside of your free copy of this new book:

Section # 1: Your Biblical Foundation

Secret #1: The exact strategy that I used to free up time in my

day to do the things that God has placed in my heart.

Secret #2: The steps that I took to discover the talents that

God has given me and that you can use to discover your talents too.

Secret #3: How we set giving goals and how this gets our

eyes off of ourselves and onto others

Secret #4: How to improve your self-worth

  • Secret #5: ​How to improve your net worth

Section # 2: The Process Revealed

Secret #6: Why we don't budget and why you may want to

consider changing the way you currently manage your your personal finances

Secret #7: The power of automation and what you should be


Secret #8: How to set financial goals and how to achieve

them faster than what you currently are

Secret #9: Steps you can take to reduce certain costs that we

all have

Secret #10: ​My exact process on how we spend under 60

  • minutes a month managing our personal finances

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"I Don't Know How To Take Control Of My Personal Finances"

Get The Most Amazing Book For FREE! 

Over 6 Months Of AMAZING info that will make you feel awesome! Every time you read this book, you'll feel even MORE awesome!

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And if you're nervous that you don't have the financial expertise to be able to implement what I share in the book?

Don't worry, I have shared these principles with lots of people many of whom have no financial background and as a result they are NOW walking victoriously in the area of their personal finances - The personal finance secrets I share will work for you!

In case you're wondering why I'm doing this...

Well, there are actually a few reasons...

Reason #1: God told me to help my fellow believers take

control of their personal finances.

Reason #2: I am tired of seeing God's children walk in defeat

in the area of their personal finances.

Reason #3: I get to serve you with one of the talents that God

has Blessed me with.

Reason #4: I hope that after reading this book that it will help

  • you and that you will buy the future products I create to serve people just like you!

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