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"The 60 Minute Financial Plan" Course


The 60 Minute Financial Plan


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Inside of The 60 Minute Financial Plan Course, I walk you through the process that we use on a monthly basis which results in us spending under 60 minutes each month managing our personal finances...

You will be able to set your own 60 Minute Financial Plan system in just one weekend..

Some of the things I cover in the course include but are not limited to:

  • Secret #1The exact strategy that I used to free up time in my day to do the things that God has placed in my heart.

  • Secret #2: The steps that I took to discover the talents that God has given me and that you can use to discover your talents too.

  • Secret #3: The steps we take to be more generous each year.

  • Secret #4: How to improve your self-worth

  • Secret #5: How to improve your net worth

  • Secret #6: Why we don't budget and why you may want to consider changing the way you currently manage your personal finances

  • Secret #7: The power of automation and what you should be automating

  • Secret #8: How to set financial goals

  • Secret #9: The process we follow to achieve our goals

  • Secret #10: Steps you can take to reduce certain costs that we all have

  • Secret #101 My exact process on how we spend under 60 minutes a month managing our personal finances

  • Secret #12: Apps and websites that you can use to streamline your financial management process

  • Secret #13: Questions to ask your financial advisor

  • Secret #14: How to fully fund your emergency fund

  • Secret #16: How to select the right savings account

  • Secret #17: My household rules on investing

  • Secret #18:And much, much more...


This Online Course comes with all of my personally built spreadsheets and checklists that I use so that you can use to start dominating your personal finances in record time!

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